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Before Service大唐娱乐网正规吗
80% of our sales person has more than 6 years' working experience in this field. When communicating with customers, we can obtain customers' requirements precisely, efficiently and quickly. Sellers will follow up your inquiry to get the latest demand at the first time. Meanwhile, we will provide the most powerful support both in products and network layout.
Our production will be arranged and preceded accordingly to customers requirements strictly. For the new customer, we suggest you placing trial order for testing. Your test circumstance and results need to be submitted to us in case of unsatisfied test result. Sellers will always follow your step to handover all your feedback and info to our R&D department for further improvement. The second sample will be provided after that. Our final goal of such circulation is, to make our products meet customers real requirement fully.
We are ODM/OEM provider, offering the fiber optic devices to meet customers' various demand.
In order to make the purchase more convenient and easy, we establish a separate department (out-sourcing depart.) for searching the products which is beyond our design range. OD will also provide the excellent products with their 100% effort.
Pls contact our sales person immediately in case of any difficulties when operating our products. Our sales person will pass all the feedback to our company and guarantee the fastest time to assist customer for a solution.
We have a professional Import & Export agent company to deal with all the import and export issues flexibly and efficiently.
Hangzhou munication Tech. Co., LTD.
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